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Improve patient care, reduce costs, and make better decisions.


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Analytics at work in healthcare

Healthcare systems around the world are facing aging populations, chronic illness and revolutionary - but expensive - treatments, which all put pressure on healthcare payers and healthcare providers. The massive amounts of data and ever expanding treatment options are making it difficult to balance patient care with controlling operational costs.

Transform your healthcare organization’s value with access to new and unprecedented amounts of data - across populations and at the level of the individual - for deeper insight, personalization and earlier interventions. Enable new business models and efficiencies for cost management, and create new levels of collaboration between medical professionals and across the healthcare enterprise for better patient outcomes.

IBM Analytics solutions will help you to:

  • Collaborate to Improve Care and Outcomes
  • Build Sustainable Systems
  • Increase Access to Healthcare

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IBM Business Analytics solutions for Healthcare

Collaborate to Improve Care and Outcomes:

  • Population Health Insights. How do I aggregate multiple sources of data to gain insights into patient populations to improve outcomes? The healthcare organizations must gain deeper insight into population chronic disease cohorts to enable proactive interventions. This insight requires the capture and centralization of disparate data sources to enable enterprise wide reporting. The movement to value based care requires population insights and IBM PureData System will help your organization to get the right data to the right place at the right time in order to truly impact patient care.
  • Health Monitoring and Intervention. ICU patients can generate thousands of data points per minute making monitoring and rapid action difficult for care providers. Streaming analytics with IBM InfoSphere Streams transforms ICU by helping detect subtle signs of vital changes in a patient's condition enabling medical alerts for proactive intervention. This insight provides at home detection of abnormal patterns of behavior, reduces the number of false positive alarms, and detects terminal conditions such as seizures, atrial fibrillation and sepsis.

Build Sustainable Systems:

  • Total Cost of Care. How do I optimize financial and operational analysis through automated reporting? Using integrated data management and analytics capabilities of Cognos TM1, you can extract insights enabling you to improve operational performance, advance clinical analysis and manage to quality metrics.
  • Counter Fraud for Healthcare. How can I turn fraud intelligence into action and save millions from fraudulent claims? On average, individual healthcare payers are losing 10 percent of their annual revenues to these improper payments. For healthcare payers already struggling to maintain their reputation and grappling with significant, growing financial losses, these statistics are motivating. Organizations need deep intelligence to confidently prevent, detect and stop fraud.
  • Performance and Quality Management. Healthcare organizations must improve performance and quality in order to meet regulatory requirements and be successful in the move to value based care. Performance and quality must be tracked and measured across all clinical and operational settings to meet increasing regulatory requirements. New focus on pay for performance, patient engagement and patient satisfaction will require analytics to measure and report performance.

Increase Access to Healthcare:

  • Consumer Insights and Engagement. Healthcare providers and payers need deeper understanding of their patients and members to fuel personalized engagement and marketing strategies. Getting the 360 degree view requires capturing of data sources such as claims, clinical, social platforms and membership portals into one unified view to understand consumer preferences and behaviors. With the help of IBM Watson Explorer consumer level analytics can improve member health and wellness with targeted marketing campaigns.

Next steps

Contact us today to learn how to harness the power of Business Analytics in your organization – you can complete the form  or call us at 877-454-4898, and we would be delighted to consult with you and make specific recommendations.