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Improve customer experience and store operations.


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Turn challenges into opportunities

With the rise in social media, online product reviews and mobile device usage, retail consumers have become more empowered and informed about the choices available to them. This can make it more difficult for retailers to accurately predict demand, optimize inventory and drive maximum profitability from every channel.

Business analytics solutions help retailers address challenges in four key areas:

  • Deliver a smarter shopping experience by understanding consumer behavior patterns
  • Build smarter operations by using analytics to optimize operational systems, processes and staffing
  • Improve product assortment and supply chain decisions with client interaction insights
  • Manage commission payments, spiff and contests while driving desired selling behaviors

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Contact us today to learn how to harness the power of Business Analytics in your organization – you can complete the form  or call us at 877-454-4898, and we would be delighted to consult with you and make specific recommendations.

Deliver a smarter shopping experience

  • Contextual View of the Customer. A top priority for retailers is developing strategies to acquire, best serve, and retain valued customers. By examining historical sales transactions and customer interactions along with contextual information, such as current purchase activity across distribution channels, retailers can model predictive patterns that support targeted marketing and strategic operational engagement systems.

    Simply put, customer retail data plus Predictive Analytics provides the foundation for informed decision making in customer-centric marketing and retail operations.

  • Next Best Action. Predictive analytics delivers insight about customer activity, and predictive models enhance decision support. So what are some next best actions? Retailers can use this insight to develop relevant, targeted shopper marketing messaging and promotions, recommendations, service offerings and incentives. The possibilities for increasing revenue opportunities and strengthening customer loyalty are limitless.
  • Digitally Enabled Shopping. The advent of mobile and other devices have added new dimensions to the retail landscape - and the ways that retailers interact with customers. Discovering ways to effectively manage and enhance the customer engagement experience, is not a matter of chance. Deploying models for predictive retail analytics to define content and forms of digital interactions, helps retailers develop customer engagement opportunities and foster long-term customer loyalty and advocacy.

    Learn more about how IBM PureData for Analytics can help you create compelling experiences that capitalize on information customers share and devices they use.

Build smarter operations

  • Task and Workforce Optimization. Workforce Management is as important in Retail as any other industry. Insight gained from operational, environmental and HR data improves the way customer facing staff are assigned and managed, and helps optimize supply chain and daily business operations. Delivering decision support, through
    reports, alerts, messages and directed content, derived from historical and contextual data combined with predictive
    analytics, empowers operational staff to make solid decisions based on facts and estimates of next likely events.

    Learn how IBM Cognos Sales Performance Management helps during customer-facing and operational activities simply by delivering insight where and how it is needed, at the point when action can be taken.

  • Loss and Fraud Prevention. When hundreds of thousands of operational data points need to be tracked, finding patterns that help prevent loss and fraud can be challenging. Using advanced algorithms to detect anomalies and extreme or low-frequency patterns and deliver smart alerts and reports through message and workflow systems means that identifying and investigating exceptions becomes a lot more intelligent.

    Learn more about how Threat and Fraud Analytics can help you to protect your brand and business assets from physical and digital threats.

Design better merchandising and supply chains

Turn the big data collected at every customer touch point into actionable insights to manage product assortment and optimize your supply chain. Avoid out-of-stock or overstock conditions and control logistics costs.

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Contact us today to learn how to harness the power of Business Analytics in your organization – you can complete the form  or call us at 877-454-4898, and we would be delighted to consult with you and make specific recommendations.