About Anna Korolivska

Anna Korolivska, a Product Specialist at DataClarity, is a member of the global platform owner team who performs client use case, market, technology and competitive research and analysis to drive road map innovation in the areas of data virtualization, data visualization, and data science.

London South Bank University drives educational excellence

Higher education requires expert resource planning. To gain greater insight into effective long-term strategies, London South Bank University (LSBU) equipped its financial planning department with IBM Planning Analytics, helping to foster student success with more effective forecasting and budgeting. Business challenge University funding fluctuates with student enrolment and many other factors. How could LSBU [...]

L’Oreal automates validation for thousands of reports

Zdenek Hanzal gives L'Oreal an analytics makeover After getting wired with a microphone pack, Zdenek Hanzal sits down in front of a camera crew ready to discuss his passion: analytics. A native to Czech Republic and currently living in Paris, France, Zdenek revels in his career as a Senior Analytics Architect who spends his days [...]

Ancestry unlocks real-time financial insights

It used to take Ancestry hours to make changes to their applications - now it takes minutes. Forecasting took weeks, now it happens instantaneously. Accounting and financial planning departments have access to real-time data. How analytics hero, Jose Balitactac, helped Ancestry achieve faster planning, reporting, and forecasting Ancestry knows data. Their goal is to [...]

Elkjøp Nordic Modernizes Business Intelligence for Growth

Business-critical insights with cloud-based analytics During the 58 years it has served the Nordic region, Elkjøp Nordic AS rose to the top of the retail electronics marketplace by responding quickly to the ever-changing needs of its customers. “Our competitive prices and the range of our product offerings are two of the many reasons why we [...]

Mueller Inc. breathes new life into legacy data

Falling in love again: Mueller’s Head of Analytics gives his take on the latest Cognos release When it comes to adopting business intelligence solutions, organizations are looking for the path of least resistance – so they can accelerate time to value and avoid disruptions to existing processes. Solutions such as IBM Cognos Analytics have helped [...]

What’s New in DataClarity 2020.6

We are excited to announce the latest release!  DataClarity 2020.6  brings powerful functionality to make it easier for you to prepare, explore, and analyze your data. Let’s take a look at this release. Data Preparation Duplicates datasets Preparing similar datasets becomes faster with the new capability to duplicate datasets. Click the Duplicate menu option under [...]

Meet DataClarity 2020.5

We are excited to announce the latest release!  DataClarity 2020.5  brings significant enhancements and exciting new capabilities such as datasets certification, data cleaning, scalar script function for data science, user activities audit, and more.  Let’s take a look at this major release. Data Preparation Certify datasets To help data analysts find datasets that are trusted [...]

DataClarity 2020.4 is here

We are excited to announce the latest release!  DataClarity 2020.4 is packed with innovative features, improved capabilities, and compelling visualizations.  Let’s take a deep dive into our greatest release so far. Installation and configuration HTTPS support over SSL for Docker Compose installations DataClarity helps you keep data secure and protected. Now, by enabling the HTTPS [...]

Discover DataClarity 2020.2

The newest release of DataClarity is here!  DataClarity 2020.2  is packed with innovative features and improved capabilities over previous versions. Let’s take a look at our latest release. Data Preparation Reuse uploaded files to create multiple datasets Now, users can reuse uploaded files as saved connections when creating new datasets. When a file is uploaded [...]

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