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Eliza is Co-Founder and Vice President of DataClarity Corporation. She provides strategy and leadership for marketing, operations, finance, customer service, and legal teams.

How to Succeed with Self-Service Analytics eBook

How to Succeed with Self-Service Analytics eBook Download PDF Self-service analytics is the holy grail for organizations. It promises to empower business users to generate their own data and insights and liberate the information technology (IT) department to focus on more value-added activities than generating custom reports. But this [...]

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Seamlessly integrate Cognos and TM1

You want custom, high-quality solutions that are delivered rapidly, efficiently, and with low risk. DataClarity delivers all that and more. Our experts can help your organization to leverage IBM Cognos SDK to extend, customize, or integrate IBM Cognos into your existing web portals and applications. With a lower total cost of ownership, accelerated time [...]

Still using Cognos TM1?

With the end of support for Cognos TM1 coming this year, and many new stunning capabilities available in Planning Analytics, it’s not too early to consider upgrading and realizing all the benefits Planning Analytics can bring your organization now: Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) – this customizable interface is the new face of TM1 that [...]

Are you feeling more pressure to migrate to Cognos Analytics?

Having successfully completed many Cognos Analytics migrations over the past two years, we understand the requirements and success criteria each company must consider to ensure a smooth and seamless migration. To help clients address these business and technical requirements, DataClarity offers a purpose-built service to provide an end-to-end migration that includes: A full no cost discovery, [...]

Stress-free TM1 to Planning Analytics Migration

Did you hear about the stunning new capabilities now available in Planning Analytics? If not, please check out Why Upgrade to Planning Analytics.  The latest upgrade available is at no charge to all TM1 customers with an active IBM software subscription & support agreement. Having already completed many successful Planning Analytics migrations, DataClarity understands the [...]

DataClarity Release Notes 2020.8

DataClarity Release Notes 2020.8 Download PDF The DataClarity 2020.8 release brings many innovative features and improved capabilities such as new types of calculations, new built-in Python server, flexible branding and customization, and more. View and select filter values from the list Reset name for an individual column Reset [...]

DataClarity Release Notes 2020.7

DataClarity Release Notes 2020.7 Download PDF The DataClarity 2020.7 release makes it even easier to find and analyze your data.  This  includes exciting new data exploration capabilities such as data catalog for datasets, import and export storyboards, and minimized SQL for better visualizations and faster analysis. Also, use DataClarity [...]

Data and Analytics Integration Hubs eBook

Data and Analytics Integration Hubs eBook Download PDF Data reflects the organization in which it resides. Unfortunately, most organizations are fragmented into numerous fiefdoms, each with their own data systems, analytical tools, and processes. Unifying this unholy mess requires a large dose of integration. This can be done manually [...]

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