BI, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data: No. 1 Nucleus in Top 10 Predictions for 2013

Nucleus Research announced its Top 10 Predictions for 2013, revealing several interesting trends emerging for the coming year.

Nucleus estimates BI adoption will double worldwide in 2013 as greater usability for non-expert analytics users, lower-cost options including cloud and SaaS, and further efforts by vendors to make BI accessible to every user. Also, predictive analytics and big data are a couple of the technologies driving Nucleus’s 2013 predictions.

The top ten 2013 predictions are:

A BI chicken in every pot and a Big Data interpreter in every village – Nucleus expects broader adoption of business intelligence and predictive analytics in the year ahead. The most successful organizations in 2013 will be those that integrate technologies like pervasive business intelligence and predictive analytics in order to maximize analytics ROI. In 2013, the biggest value proposition for Big Data will come from unlocking it and leveraging analysis tools that will help companies to better filter their data repositories and translate them into valuable insights.

Integration Indigestion – Nucleus predicts further acquisition activity in the integration technology space as well as development of more turnkey integration approaches for both cloud and on-premise applications as companies aim to reduce cost, complexity, and risk. However, Nucleus cautions that transferring the right information at the right time, to the right people, is not an easy task, and often requires significant planning and investment.

The Year of the Edge Application – Many companies that made large investments in ERP in the last 15 years will need more capabilities than their old ERP application provides and will seek new edge solutions that can be plugged into the core ERP and delivered in the cloud in order to eliminate IT assistance and for easier integration.

3-D Printing – Nucleus believes the ability to turn a drawing into an object will be the most important technology advance during the next 10 years.

The Customer Experience arms race continues – Customer experience management will accelerate further in 2013 as organizations seek to take advantage of the 80% of ROI potential that has yet to be delivered by CRM.

The End of Customization – Given the ongoing cost of supporting customizations, the rise of software that can be configured by business users, and the push of vendors to reduce deployments complexity and costs, custom development budgets will decline in 2013.

The Forever Unemployed – According to Nucleus, automation and instrumentation of basic job tasks will accelerate the already-declining base of opportunities for adults without college degrees.

Security Spending Dips – Nucleus expects an increased scrutiny on new security investments and demand on IT to rationalize and consolidate the existing ones.

Social Performance Management takes hold – More companies are adopting social collaboration technologies in areas such as human resources and performance management, and developing social performance management capabilities. However, Nucleus sees social performance management as both an important productivity driver and liability for companies with poor performers and managers.

BYOD will decline as enterprise mobility grows up – As CFOs take a closer look at the true pros and cons (high total cost of ownership with no evident ROI) of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in 2013, they will seek to pursue the most fiscally responsible option: corporate-based accounts.

As we look toward the future, one thing is clear: the proven benefits of these emerging technologies and trends are just too compelling for most organizations to ignore. And no matter where a company is in the journey, it needs to understand the market ahead and embrace the new technologies in order to prepare for the next phase of growth and innovation.

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