How to build Report Studio reports using multidimensional cubes as a source

Are you building Report Studio reports using multidimensional cubes as a source? Are you wondering how to use multidimensional functions such as ancestor, periodsToDate, or cousin? Would you like to know how to create a report that shows the top 10 customers that are purchasing your products? Would you like to learn how to make [...]

What you need to know about Cognos Dynamic Cubes

The highly anticipated 10.2 version of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence was released in September 2012. Along with the new version there is also a new IBM Cognos OLAP capability known as Dynamic Cubes. Cognos Dynamic Cubes consists of a modeling tool (IBM Cognos Cube Designer), a dynamic cube object in the administration environment, which [...]

How to enhance Operational Planning

With a range of responsibilities including quota management, capacity planning, inspections and biosecurity regulations, British Columbia Egg Marketing Board (BC Egg) found IBM Cognos TM1 to be the perfect financial planning and analytics solution to address product quality and public safety issues effectively and enhance productivity. The case study “BC Egg boosts food safety and [...]

Real-Time Analytics for Customer-Focused Pricing

In a volatile travel and tourism marketplace, where customers demand better service and competition intensifies, the success is set by being agile and tailoring the offerings to market needs. For TUI Deutschland GmbH to achieve optimal performance, huge volumes of data, thousands of employees and partners, and millions of customers and products have to be [...]