Data Fabric Benefits Platform Brief

Data fabric architecture delivers instant benefits Download PDF Read this platform brief to learn what exactly is a data fabric, how does it differ from previous architectures, what can it achieve for businesses, and what is IBM’s role in implementing it? Data only delivers business value when it is [...]

Forrester Wave Report: Streaming-Analytics

Forrester Wave Report: Streaming-Analytics Download PDF This report shows how each streaming analytics providers measures up and helps application development, and delivery (AD&D) professionals select the right one for their needs. Depth and breadth of analytics types on streaming data are critical. But that is all for naught if [...]

AI Everywhere: Modern Predictive Analytics eBook

AI Everywhere: Modern Predictive Analytics eBook Download PDF To make faster, smarter decisions, businesses are adopting increasingly sophisticated analytics methods. The transition that is occurring reflects a shift from reporting historical data to making predictions with artificial intelligence (AI). Beyond basic reporting and dynamic dashboards that present business intelligence [...]

Forrester Study Total Economic Impact Cloud Pak for Data

A Forrester New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact Of Cloud Pak For Data Download PDF Read the Forrester report to see how IBM Cloud Pak for Data, an integrated data and AI platform enables cost savings and business benefits. Analysis of following projected benefits: Containers And Container [...]

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