Cognos Performance and Health Assessment

Would you like to get more value from your Cognos investment?
Is it performing to your expectations?
Are license entitlements properly monitored and managed by type?
The DataClarity Cognos Performance and Health Assessment can increase your success by identifying opportunities for improving performance and lowering costs based on your actual requirements.
Improve Performance

Enhance performance of your Cognos content and environment

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Increase business value and
reduce total cost of ownership

Leverage DataClarity

Leverage proven methodology, best practices, and technical expertise

Regularly assessing your Cognos environment, data, and content is critical to understanding and optimizing the health, performance, and overall business value your system can deliver.

For over 20 years, DataClarity has been delivering advisory services for hundreds of Cognos clients with proven cost-effective assessments that more than pay for themselves throughout the year including at audit time. We begin by leading interactive sessions with your team to understand current business and technical requirements, environments, and critical success factors. From there, we undertake a comprehensive review of key areas to define objectives and understand critical performance requirements. We also focus on future requirements and challenges your organization will be undertaking, and align our recommendations with your strategies, objectives, and priorities.

Category Description Standard Assessment
As low as $7,995
Premium Assessment
As low as $14,995
License optimization Assess configuration of all users and servers, reconcile license entitlements, and formulate recommendations for optimizing usage and compliance.
Installation and configuration Assess the installation and configuration of servers and software, and recommend settings and best practices to optimize performance.
Enterprise architecture optimization Assess the enterprise architecture and make recommendations based on business and technical requirements related to performance, redundancy, and failover.
System workload processing analysis Monitor and analyze workload processing and related system performance focusing on outliers and exceptions.
Anomaly detection and analysis Monitor and analyze outliers and anomalies with correlations between reports, queries, users, and actions.
Reports trends analysis Monitor and analyze report workload trends by time with a focus on identifying peak and under-performing requests and activities.
Top/bottom performing reports Monitor, identify, and analyze commonly-used reports with problematic data, queries, and visualizations.
Report design and layout Identify and make recommendations to correct under-performing reports that do not follow design and layout best practices.
Data models Review data models and packages and identify anomalies and performance issues related to complexity and design.
Data sources/data aggregation Assess fitness of data sources to meet report performance requirements and make recommendations to optimize through various data aggregation strategies.
Deliverables Each assessment shall include deliverables pertaining to findings and recommendations, with scope and assessment plan outlined prior to engagement start.

The final assessment price may vary based on the scope and your actual configuration of servers, data sources, models, security, users, and reports.

How We Are Different?

Since our founding in 1999, DataClarity has employed only senior and principal level experts who utilize our proven methodologies, best practices and their extensive experience to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for a broad spectrum of customers around the world. We focus solely on expert client first advisory, consulting, implementation, and support services that exceed expectations and optimize investments in data, analytics, business intelligence, performance management, and data science.

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