Web Seminar On-Demand: The Ultimate Governed Data Discovery

Watch the web seminar to learn how your organization can empower business users to do more with data through modern self-service BI, governed data discovery, and advanced visualizations. We will cover a variety of topics including a real-world demo and deep-dive on how new revolutionary capabilities in DataClarity DashInsight can bring the ultimate experience to all Cognos users.

You will discover how to:

  • Employ trusted data discovery and advanced analytics to overcome the limitations of traditional BI
  • Enable nontechnical users to engage in deeper analysis and use data insights to transform their decisions through data visualization
  • Blend personal data files with enterprise Cognos packages and create pixel-perfect reports and visualizations
  • Lower total cost of ownership with simplified IT maintenance and support
  • Deliver business applications faster and effectively collaborate with your user communities

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Web Seminar On-Demand: Deliver Business Value Faster with Smart Governed and Personal Data Discovery and
Advanced Self-Service Visual Analytics

Watch the web seminar to learn how smart business-friendly governed and personal data discovery and self-service visual analytics can empower you and your organization and accelerate the path to insight.

See effective real-world data visualization use cases that provide integrated views of multiple data sources using a series of advanced charts and geospatial maps that highlight correlations, exceptions, links, clusters, outliers, anomalies, predictions, and trends.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to:

  • Enable business-friendly access to governed enterprise data sources including Cognos Packages and personal data files that simplify data preparation
  • Use advanced charting, geospatial maps, and predictive visualizations to communicate data effectively
  • Deploy Cognos and Tableau in a unified application that benefits a broad spectrum of users and requirements
  • Build storyboards with smart business visualizations using numerous datasets
  • Visually explore data relationships and patterns using highly-interactive advanced analytic and predictive capabilities.

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Web Seminar On-Demand: How to Rapidly Deliver Analytic Applications with Governed Data Discovery,
Self-Service Predictive, and Reporting

Are you looking to deliver performance management and advanced analytic capabilities to employees, customers and suppliers through a simple and elegant application user experience?

Watch the web seminar to learn how leading organizations around the world are now developing and deploying fully integrated applications that meet the most demanding use cases and requirements by integrating IBM Cognos BI, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Cognos TM1, IBM SPSS, IBM Decision Optimization and IBM Watson Cognitive, with other leading analytic tools and web apps.

See how these applications deliver rich, governed data discovery for personal and enterprise datasets, with industry-leading self-service predictive, reporting and analysis capabilities to satisfy the most challenging individual user needs.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn about:

  • Governed Data Discovery for Cognos Packages and TM1 cube views
  • Self-Service Predictive including R and SPSS integration
  • Powerful Geospatial Visualizations for Cognos, including advanced Mapbox integration

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Web Seminar On-Demand: Take Your Business Planning to the Next Level with Predictive Insight

No matter what your business, the success of your company depends on predicting and planning for what is most likely to happen. Many times, this is not possible simply by gleaning standard data, but tapping into vast amounts of data across your entire organization and beyond. This cannot be accomplish with many existing systems, but those with predictive insight capabilities.

Watch the web seminar to discover how to apply advanced analytic concepts to your organization to gain unprecedented insight into your business planning.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to:

  • Discover market trends and uncover new opportunities
  • Predict customer behavior and maximize revenue and profitability
  • Optimize financial performance and overall business value.

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Web Seminar On-Demand: Creating an Analytics Culture-Do Your Dashboards Deliver?

As analytics technologies become more accessible, companies that have adopted an analytics culture are more profitable, better understand their customers, are faster to market, and better positioned to outperform their competitors.

Even though many companies have made a substantial investment in technologies to support their analytical enterprise, departments operate independent of each other, data is kept in silos, and Excel is still the go-to analytics platform. Although many companies have a dashboard initiative in place to help drive analytics, most are not used, aren't designed to support their audience, or simply do not capture the right information to get the full business value and transform business results.

Watch the web seminar to explore the steps organizations should take to ensure a successful dashboard initiative along with a road map to becoming an analytics driven company. You'll also discover how next-generation dashboards better align with business processes and strategies to deliver critical information across the organization in a more timely fashion.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn:

  • Best practices and top tips for better dashboard design
  • How to improve the effectiveness of information in dashboards, including KPIs
  • How you can work collaboratively with business users to improve dashboards
  • Use intuitive and advanced visualizations for delivering information
  • Improve adoption rates and ease of use for your users
  • Actionable strategies for dashboard development and management

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Web Seminar On-Demand: Rapid Data Warehouse Deployment with Deep Analytics

Many organizations find that at some point their existing data warehouse is unable to meet their analytic and reporting needs. Requests for new, more detailed or more frequent reports are denied because they impose too great an analytics and processing tax on the warehouse. The effort and cost associated with keeping the warehouse running has become so great, taking resources away from higher value IT projects which are more closely aligned with the company’s strategic goals and initiatives.

Analytic appliances offer organizations a better solution by allowing them to rapidly deploy a data warehouse and deliver deep analytics to their business users more quickly, with better scalability, at a lower cost, and with more high performance analytics.

Watch the web seminar to learn about the benefits of a Rapid Data Warehouse Deployment with Deep Analytics:

  • It’s Fast - supports tens of thousands of business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse users, sophisticated analytics at the speed of thought, and petabyte scalability.
  • Increases Performance and Concurrency - delivers 20 times greater throughput for tactical queries than previous generation PureData Systems.
  • It’s Scalable - enables organization to deploy the right-sized environments for their data volumes and workloads, and be confident as data volumes grow.
  • It’s Smart - dramatically simplifies analytics by consolidating all analytic activity in one place, right where the data resides.

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Web Seminar On-Demand: Empowering Finance to Optimize Enterprise Performance

Discover how to create effective and efficient financial close operations, develop trusted, auditable information to understand the state of your business, and enhance collaboration across your organizational boundaries on a single platform.

Watch the web seminar to learn how to:

  • Prepare and consolidate financial information in a centralized environment for accurate, auditable financial results, and end-to-end control of the close process.
  • Automate and streamline financial processes for a collaborative and work-flow driven environment.
  • Improve financial and compliance performance.
  • Gain better control of financial results with automation and self-service reporting.
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    Web Seminar On-Demand: What Predictive Maintenance is Really About?

    With increased consumer empowerment, global supply chains, aging infrastructure, raw material price volatility, and stricter compliance standards, organizations must reduce operational costs in order to remain competitive. All too often, however, companies lack not only visibility into their assets’ health and performance, but also predictability. Maximizing asset productivity and ensuring that the associated processes are as efficient as possible are key aspects for organizations striving to outperform.

    Watch the web seminar to learn how your organization can leverage predictive maintenance solutions to:

    • Monitor, maintain, and optimize assets for better availability, utilization, and performance.
    • Predict asset failure, and optimize quality and supply chain processes.
    • Make critical decisions faster and more accurately by removing guesswork from the decision-making.

    Be sure you watch this web seminar to discover how predictive maintenance can help you spot problems before they happen so you can save time and money.

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    Web Seminar On-Demand: Improving Quality of Care with Predictive Analytics

    Healthcare organizations are under competitive pressure to reduce costs, manage resources, and improve patient care. As the cost of care increases, these organizations need new technologies to improve their ability to operate more efficiently and deliver the quality of care that is required.

    Watch the web seminar to discover how Predictive Analytics can help Healthcare organizations to:

    • Reduce readmissions and identify contributors to chronic disease readmissions by leveraging EMR data as well as text data not in your EMR
    • Predict which patients are likely to get readmitted prior to discharge and prescribe discharge consultation
    • Reduce your claim fraud by applying predictive analytics to identify anomalies and contributors to waste, fraud, and abuse
    • Minimize the runaway cost of care by predicting length of stay
    • Better understand and predict the cost of care over the full episode of care for each patient

    Be sure to watch this web-seminar to see predictive analytics in action and discover how top organizations are using predictive analytics to proactively manage their resources and fine-tune their practices to provide better patient care. Watch it now!


    Web Seminar On-Demand: Sales Performance Management from the perspective of the Office of Finance

    Managing variable sales incentives is a highly complex process and vital to a firm's success. Companies are revisiting how their sales teams are incented to perform. More and more, it is expected that staff will be remunerated based on margin performance and other strategic metrics. Finance leaders are on the hook to implement measures to mitigate risk and align behaviors with organizational objectives. Investments in Sales Performance Management technology is a key part of the solution.

    Watch the web seminar to discover how the Office of Finance can use Sales Performance Management technology to:

    • Reduce commission overpayments and errors
    • Increase auditability and traceability
    • Leverage scenario modeling to optimize compensation plans
    • Forecast and accrue for compensation expenses

    Be sure to watch this web seminar to learn how sales performance management solutions can enable your organization to develop and manage sophisticated incentive plans and payouts that can motivate behaviors and improve performance in a complex, competitive business environment.
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    Web Seminar On-Demand: Achieve High Performance Cognos Interactive Reporting & Analysis

    Would you like to achieve higher performance Cognos interactive reporting and analysis on bigger volumes of data?

    Is your underlying database, data mart, or data warehouse structured in a star or snowflake schema?

    If you answered yes to both, consider exploring an exciting new IBM Cognos BI capability called Dynamic Cubes. Released in IBM Cognos BI 10.2, Dynamic Cubes leverage substantial in-memory data assets as well as aggregate awareness in order to achieve high performance interactive analysis & reporting over large volumes of data.

    Watch the web seminar to learn more about and also see Dynamic Cubes in action.

    This web seminar will:

    • Educate you about the ideal circumstances where Cognos Dynamic Cubes is the right solution
    • Help you understand how your organization can model Dynamic Cubes to analyze large volumes of data faster and more economically than ever before
    • Demonstrate how Dynamic Cubes can enable high-speed interactive reporting and ad-hoc analysis on large data volumes

    Whether you are looking for ways to get full business value from your Big Data, or just interested in learning more about how to optimize your business analytics interactive reporting and analysis, watch the web seminar now!


    Web Seminar On-Demand: Learn How to Improve Sales Performance in Your Organization

    Is your organization still using spreadsheets to calculate sales and other variable compensation? Are sales executives having challenges aligning quotas across all lines of business and geographies to match corporate revenue expectations? Does your organization have clear visibility into your top and bottom performers? Are your compensation processes working seamlessly and consistently producing error free commission calculations and reports?

    Watch the web seminar to learn how an IBM Cognos Sales Performance Management solution has successfully transformed many organizations to streamline compensation processes, reduce errors, improve sales performance, and align behavior with corporate objectives. See how the solution is used across several industries to automate the process of calculating, reporting & analyzing variable-based pay.

    This is your opportunity to discover how to:

    • Gain more selling time and drive the right sales behavior
    • Reduce errors and gain efficiencies for your compensation administration team
    • Build a business case for adopting a new system

    Learn how IBM Cognos Sales Performance Management offers speed, flexibility, and visibility for your organization to drive increased productivity and corporate performance. Watch it now!


    Web Seminar Series On-Demand: Cognos TM1 V10.1.1 Enhanced Capabilities Overview

    Join our certified Cognos experts for our brand new 2-part web seminar series covering the new enhanced features of IBM Cognos TM1 V10.1.1. These 60 minutes sessions are focused on IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler and IBM Cognos Insight V10.2 and foster key capabilities, hints, and guidelines for improving your outcomes in the areas of budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation, and financial management.

    Be sure to watch these on-demand web seminars to learn how to drive better efficiency in your Office of Finance.

    Part 1: Refine Your Organization Readiness with IBM Cognos TM1 and Cognos Insight

    Description: Learn how IBM Cognos TM1 combined with IBM Cognos Insight provides powerful new desktop analytics and planning capabilities to meet the diverse requirements of enterprise planning and analysis across your organization. See the solutions in action and discover how new powerful personal analytics can help your financial organization improve reporting and forecasting and gain sustained competitive advantage. Watch it now!

    Part 2: Gain Unrivaled Financial Performance with IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler

    Description: In this session, discover Performance Modeler and game-changing innovations that will help you optimize planning, analysis, and forecasting. Learn and watch demonstrations of sensational enhancements to modeling data and metadata management and see how you can greatly increase the financial agility and effectiveness of your business. Watch it now!

    Web Seminar On-Demand: Financial Planning and Budgeting with IBM Cognos TM1 & SunGard

    The need for fast and accurate planning and budgeting continues to grow during periods of economic volatility as financial managers demand more accurate and trusted insight, and timely execution of financial controls and reporting requirements. If your organization doesn’t yet have a powerful planning, budgeting, and analysis solution that works with financial data from SunGard and other systems, you may be missing out on a vast opportunity to anticipate and better manage important outcomes for your organization.

    Join SunGard and DataClarity for a complimentary web seminar to discover how IBM Cognos TM1 can be integrated with your SunGard financial information to radically transform your entire planning, budgeting, and financial analysis processes.

    You will learn:

    • What leaders are doing to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their planning and budgeting, effectively address risks, and reduce both time and expense.
    • How smarter finance organizations are using what-if scenarios and comprehensive modeling to gain even greater financial insight and predict both opportunities and pitfalls.
    • How IBM Cognos TM1 easily integrates with financial data from SunGard and other systems to meet diverse enterprise planning, budgeting and analysis needs across your organization.
    • How to use ad-hoc analysis, tailored reports, and dashboards to keep your key stakeholders apprised of financial execution including monitoring critical financial metrics as well as plan to actual performance.
    • How an existing SunGard customer is currently using IBM Cognos TM1 to achieve all of their financial planning, reporting and analysis goals.

    Whether you are considering a change this year or next, or just interested in learning more about planning and budgeting, please click the following link to watch it now.


    Web Seminar On-Demand: Understanding the Tremendous Value of Mobile Analytics

    Discover the true value of deploying mobile business intelligence in your organization, including next generation mobile analytics solutions from IBM and DataClarity for the iPad, iPhone, and Android-based tablets and phones.

    Mobile Business Intelligence is becoming one of the most important battlegrounds for transforming decision-making and achieving competitive advantage. According to Gartner, by 2013, 33% of Business Intelligence functionality will be consumed via handheld devices. Unleashing mobile has tremendous potential for any organization, but business leaders still need to gain a better understanding of the value of mobile analytics and how the effective use of mobile analytics can enable their businesses to improve efficiency and run better.

    Interested in learning more about how to bring unprecedented value to your organization through mobile analytics? Watch the web seminar now.


    Web Seminar Series On-Demand: Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1.1 Enhanced Capabilities Overview

    Join our certified Cognos experts for our brand new 4-part web seminar series covering the new enhanced features of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1.1. These 60 minutes sessions include a variety of interesting topics from core capabilities and applications to hints and guidelines for getting more out of your future or current IBM Cognos Business Intelligence investment. Each web seminar is focused on a specific topic around IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1.1 -- you can choose the sessions you find most interesting, or watch them all on-demand.

    Part 1: Improving Business Agility through IBM Business Insight Advanced

    Description: A new simplified and rich interface for self-service reporting and analysis brings your business intelligence to a whole new level. Now, with all the capabilities of IBM Cognos V10.1.1, you can extend your business intelligence and have even more agility. Realize the advantages of upgrading to Business Insight Advanced from Report Studio Express and learn how to gain greater user satisfaction while maintaining proper IT governance. Watch it now.

    Part 2: Building Rich Dashboards with IBM Business Insight

    Description: In this session, discover the new dashboard capabilities of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1.1. Learn how IBM Cognos Business Insight revolutionizes information delivery for all business users and enables you to build rich, personalized, and interactive dashboards for sound business decisions and better bottom-line results. Watch it now.

    Part 3: Deeper Insight into Performance with IBM Cognos Report Studio

    Description: See how improvements in Report Studio give your organization timely access and richer insight into information. Join us to get a clearer picture on how you can take full advantage of substantial benefits that come with the new and enhanced Report Studio capabilities. Watch it now.

    Part 4: Raising the Analytics Bar with IBM Cognos Active Reports

    Learn about the various IBM Cognos Active Reports features and how they can be used to create and distribute interactive reporting applications. See how the latest capabilities of this powerful reporting solution improve your business insight, empower all your business users to be more productive, and help your organization gain sustained competitive advantage. Watch it now.


    Web Seminar On-Demand: Don't Just Discover...Turn Insight into Action with IBM Cognos Insight

    Learn how IBM Cognos Insight can empower everyone in your organization to assemble and analyze information, align decision-making and drive fact-based action - without asking IT for help.

    To optimize business outcomes, organizations must meet the growing demands of decision makers for more analytic freedom, while balancing the need for lower total cost of ownership, enterprise governance, and control.

    You will learn that with IBM Cognos Insight you can:

    • Import and merge your corporate enterprise data with personal local data, directly in your workspace.
    • Slice, dice and drill down through data quickly, without scripting.
    • Create compelling visualizations for a multi-dimensional view of your data.
    • Easily extend to predictive analytics, managed reporting, and performance management.
    • Discover trends and explore scenarios on the fly, without being connected to a server.
    • Share and collaborate -- publish your plans and dashboards as a shared application

    Whether you're a business person seeking an alternative to spreadsheet reporting and analysis, or an IT manager looking to drive self-service analytics, this web seminar is for you. This is your chance to discover how to meet the needs of both business users and IT and gain analytic freedom without compromise. Watch it now.


    Web Seminar On-Demand: Improving the Last Mile in Financial Reporting with IBM Cognos FSR

    Learn how the Office of Finance can leverage IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting (FSR) for its external and internal reporting requirements, XBRL compliance, and analytic insights.

    Although many organizations have made investments in solutions for monitoring financial performance and extracting financial data, many of these companies also rely on costly manual processes for the creation of external and internal financial documents. Automating the processes required in the creation of quarterly and annual reports is viewed as the Last Mile in the financial reporting. At present, the Last Mile has become even more cumbersome due to new additional regulatory reporting mandates (e.g. SEC's XBRL Mandate) and efforts to enhance Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR).

    Organizations are facing many challenges in creating a sustainable financial governance process that can lead to long term cost savings and increased reliability of financial reports. Beyond delivering regulatory compliance, finance leaders are expecting better business insight. Now with IBM Cognos FSR you can overcome all these.

    You will learn that IBM Cognos FSR:

    • Automates the creation of the external and internal financial reports (10K, 10Q, 8K, MD&A, Annual, Board Book, Prospectus, Flash or Management Reports, Executive ppt Decks, Monthly Operations Reports, etc).
    • Provides one version of the truth, across all reporting applications.
    • Is very easy-to-use and allows you to leverage the tools you use today (MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe),
    • Promotes collaboration -- each section of the document can be managed, reviewed and approved by different stakeholders.
    • Supports various output formats -- MS-Word, PDF, MS-Excel, XBRL, and others.
    • Is the only integrated XBRL tool.
    • Works with any Financial Consolidation or ERP system, including SAP, Oracle, Hyperion, and others.

    Ready to address The Last Mile? Watch it now.