IBM Cognos Framework Manager

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IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Designing Metadata Models is a four day instructor-led online course. This course provides participants with metadata modeling concepts and instruction on how to model metadata for predictable reporting and analysis using Framework Manager.

Using a combination of lectures, instructor led demos, hands-on exercises, workshops and group exercises in a high-quality learning environment, participants will learn the full scope of metadata modeling process, from creating the initial project to enabling end users to author and analyze the data using the functionality of IBM Cognos BI.

Intended Audience

This is an advanced course for developers of who design metadata models for IBM Cognos BI.


  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Knowledge of common industry standards for data structures and design
  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience gathering requirements and analyzing data
  • Experience using IBM Cognos BI Report Studio (recommended)

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  • IBM Cognos BI Fundamentals
  • Describe Cognos Connection
  • Understand Modeling Basics
  • Understand Framework Manager basics
  • Understand Framework Manager Workflow
  • Create a New Project and Import Metadata
  • Prepare Metadata
  • Understand Usage and Aggregate Properties
  • Understand Relationships and Cardinality
  • Create a Parameter Map
  • Create a Filter and Calculation Namespace
  • Create Stand Alone Filters
  • Model Metadata in Framework Manager
  • Understand Three Tier Framework Manager Model
  • Model as a Star Schema
  • Understand Model Query Subjects
  • Use Model Query Subjects to Merge Snowflake Query Subjects
  • Create True Facts and True Dimensions using Model Query Subjects
  • Use Model Query Subjects for Business Friendly Information
  • Add Calculations to Model Query Subjects
  • Create Time Dimensions
  • Understand Role Playing Dimensions
  • Work with Determinants
  • Create Presentation View in the model
  • Understand Conformed Dimensions and Query Generation
  • Define Dimensionally Modeled Relational (DMR) Metadata
  • Understand Regular Dimensions
  • Create Regular Dimensions based on Model Query Subjects
  • Differentiate Query Subjects, Regular Dimensions and Determinants
  • Creating Measure Dimensions
  • Understand Scope Relationships
  • Star Schema Groupings
  • Create a Dimensional Reporting Package
  • Learn Project Branching and Merging Techniques
  • Learn Embedded Prompts in the Model Techniques
  • How to create Query Sets
  • How to Dynamically Switch Data Sources in a Model
  • Set Security in Framework Manager
  • Set Data Level Security in Framework Manager
  • Set Object Level Security in Framework Manager
  • Manage Framework Manager Packages
  • Work with Materialized Views
  • Understand Minimized SQL
  • Set Limits on Query Execution using Governors
  • Understand Metadata Caching
  • Improve SQL Performance by Query Processing Techniques
  • Understand Rollup Processing and Aggregations
  • Manage Member Unique Names for DMR in Framework Manager
  • Model for Drill-Through in Framework Manager
  • Create Drill-Through Definitions
  • Analyze and Publish and OLAP Data Source
  • Module 1: Introduction to IBM Cognos
  • Module 2 Introduction to Framework Manager and the FM Class Project
  • Module 3: Data Modeling Basics and Framework Manager Workflow
  • Module 4: Reporting and Data Modeling Traps
  • Module 5: Determinants
  • Module 6: Enhance Your Model
  • Module 7: Dimensional Modeling
  • Module 8: Class Workshop
  • Module 9: Advanced Framework Manager Techniques
  • Module 10: Securing the Framework Manager Model and Packages
  • Module 11: Optimize and Tune Framework Manager Models