How do you get IBM Cognos certified?

You might have wondered…. How do I get IBM Cognos certified?

The tests are administered by Pearson VUE and they have locations all over the US. From the IBM webpage you will see that you can take many paths to achieve certification. It really depends on your role in your organization.

Select one of the certification entries, for example IBM Certified Designer – Cognos 10 BI Reports. The next screen will give you information regarding that certification. There is a Job Role Description describing the role of a report author, recommended prerequisites, requirements, and a link at the bottom of the screen for the test information.

Click the link and you will be presented with Overview, Objectives, Test preparation, and Sample/Assessment Test tabs to give you some guidance. There is a link on the right side of the screen, within Register for a Test called Selecting Tests on the Pearson VUE Website that will give you information about how to proceed. You can also just click Register for a Test in that same area and that will take you straight to the Pearson VUE website.

Once you take the exam at a Pearson VUE facility, they will grade the test right there and give you the results. Pearson will then send the results to IBM and IBM will issue the certificate in a couple of days. It will arrive in your email as a PDF.

As noted above, there are different tests and categories to qualify as “Certified”. We offer courses that can assist you in getting the knowledge you need to pass those tests. We have several that would meet your needs. Our online course listings can be found here:

DataClarity Education offers diverse training paths to help you and your team get started or become experts in your roles. We understand that the learning needs for your team can change over the course of a project lifecycle. As a result, we provide a breadth of training offerings in an onsite and online format to ensure that your organization gets the most comprehensive and timely training possible.

We recognize that your people possess various backgrounds, experience and levels of training. We can to work with you and your organization to develop a training path tailored for you. We have created Cognos training offerings targeted to the roles individuals serve within your organization and designed to maximize your team’s overall performance.

Administrator – this role is aimed at IT administrator users who need to administer server environments. Create and maintain metadata, and create and maintain all types of business intelligence on behalf of their organization.

Developer – this role is aimed at technical/business users who need to create and maintain complex reports, model metadata, and create and maintain all types of business intelligence content on behalf of their organization.

Power user – this role is for business users who need to view scheduled reports, run reports interactively, and create new ad-hoc reports.

End user – this role is for business users who need to view scheduled reports and run reports interactively through the Cognos Connection Portal.

The chart below identifies the recommended training for your specific on-the-job requirements:


For help with course selection or to request a Cognos training plan for your organization, contact DataClarity Education today. DataClarity training experts will identify exactly what you need to build your skills.

We wish you success on your certification journey and remember that we are here to help you achieve your goal. Thank you for considering DataClarity Education for your training and certification needs.

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