Predictive analytics helps your organization anticipate change so that you can plan and carry out strategies that improve outcomes.

By applying predictive analytics solutions to data you already have, your organization can uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to guide front-line interactions.

SPSS Modeler is a comprehensive predictive analytics platform for professional analysts and data scientists with flexible deployment options, including cloud and hybrid. The platform scales from supporting line of business predictive analysis (SPSS Modeler Personal) to enterprise-scale implementation (SPSS Modeler Gold). It brings predictive intelligence to everyday business problems that enable front-line employees or systems to make more effective decisions and improve outcomes.

SPSS Modeler V18.1 offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility to use multiple environments for predictive analytics, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid.
  • An easy-to-use visual interface that gives users of all levels access to a wide array of algorithms to discover patterns and trends in structured, unstructured, and even geospatial data.
  • Access to a wide assortment of data sources such as flat files, databases, data warehouses, and even big data sources that use Hadoop.
  • An extensive range of analytics to address a variety of business problems. It uses analytics ranging from descriptive analytics to advanced algorithms, including automated modeling, text analytics, entity analytics, social network analysis, decision management, and optimization.
  • The ability to combine and optimize predictive scores and business rules to affect those decisions that can directly increase revenues and customer loyalty. It helps prevent threats, mitigates risk of fraud, and reduces cost.
  • Deployment to operational systems to maximize the impact of predictive analytics across an organization.

SPSS Modeler V18.1 can scale from desktop deployments to integration within operational systems. This enables organizations to improve their business process and help people or systems consistently make the right decisions to deliver recommended actions at the point of impact. The result is a rapid return on investment and the ability to proactively and repeatedly reduce costs and increase productivity.

SPSS Modeler V18.1 is supported by complementary products, such as SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services V8.1 and SPSS Analytic Server V3.1, that extend its depth and breadth of functions.

IBM SPSS screen
SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics is the world’s leading statistical software – used by tens of thousands of business, government, research and academic organizations to solve a wide range of business and research problems.

IBM SPSS Statistics is easy to use, has a lower total cost of ownership, and addresses the entire analytical process – from planning and data preparation to analysis, reporting and deployment to BI platforms – such as IBM Cognos Analytics (former Cognos Business Intelligence).

  • Discover relationships between variables and plot outcomes based on geography.
  • Predict future events.
  • Test hypotheses and validate assumptions in many types of academic, scientific, business and government research.
  • Analyze past performance and forecast trends – to better plan organizational strategies, programs, logistics
    or manufacturing processes.

In SPSS Statistics V24, you get to experience a new way to access and work with open source and third-party programming extensions:

SPSS Statistics Extensions Hub is a new interface to manage extensions. It provides an online, store-like experience where you can:

  • Easily browse, download, and update free product extensions based on SPSS, Python, or R syntax
  • Easily find and download new extensions
  • Get updates to existing extensions
  • Remove installed extensions
  • View properties of your installed extensions

With SPSS Statistics Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions, it is now easier than ever to create and share extensions
based on R/Python and SPSS Syntax for your customized needs. Now you will be able to:

  • Access new control options and new properties of existing controls
  • Choose new options for the menu location of a dialog


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