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What's New

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence V1.1 transforms the individual customer experience by making recommendations that are most relevant to that unique individual. Recommendations are based on the most up-to-date and relevant internal and external data. Predictive analytics is then used to measure, predict, and optimize real-time actions to drive effective conversion of prospects to customers as well as long term retention.

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence V1.1 enhancements:

  • Predefined data model to rapidly create real-time 360-degree customer profile.
  • Easy-to-install services and adapters for rapid time to value, enabling solution developers to rapidly create analytic applications.
  • Latest innovations enable advanced analytics, including geospatial and big data analysis.

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence includes the following capabilities to help you confidently recommend a personalized relevant offer at the point of impact:

Predictive analytics

  • Transform data into insights that help you determine what individual customers are likely to want or do next, such
    as accept an offer, default on a mortgage or cancel a policy.
  • Guide front-line customer interactions and experiences with predictive techniques.
  • Use advanced customer churn models to predict and proactively control customer retention.
  • Engage in targeted marketing campaigns and proactively identify customer service issues.

Decision management

  • Provide recommended actions for each individual customer interaction.
  • Take advantage of automated and optimized transactional decisions in near real time.
  • Develop and implement targeted configurations and content for each customer interaction with a flexible and
    intuitive user interface.

Real-time scoring

  • Continuously score against transactional data such as high volume sales, customer service and claims transactions.
  • Provide customer service, marketing and business analysts with up-to-date predictions rather than precalculated and static history.
  • Enable your front lines to act on predictions while they are interacting with the customer and react to new information as they learn it.

Cross-campaign optimization

  • Increase campaign results by as much as 20 percent across all channels.
  • Scan multiple campaigns and business constraints to find the best assignment of customers to campaigns.
  • Combine the logic of business rules with the insight gained from predictive modeling.

Customer lifetime value segmentation

  • Use customer segmentation techniques to classify customers based on the possibility of lifetime value.
  • Receive an automatically generated action allocation policy that is optimized for long-term expected reward.
  • Use recommended actions to retain customers based on their lifetime value segment.
  • Generate visualizations of segmentation and recommendation results.

Next steps

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