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DashInsight™ Mobile encompasses next-generation native iPad, iPhone, and Android applications that speed up and streamline access to information whenever and wherever it is needed.

Insights Anywhere, Anytime

Fast and Powerful

Access your essential content on the go and have real-time insights from your iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and phones. Empower everyone in your organization to quickly analyze KPI’s, get answers, take action, uncover opportunities, and achieve results from anywhere with analytics delivered to their mobile devices.

Easy, Ubiquitous, and Flexible 

Intuitively search, navigate, and analyze familiar reports and dashboards without the need for additional training. Users have the same rich experience whether they access content from their desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Fully Integrated and Secured

Strong Security and Administration

Built on a flexible, scalable, and proven platform, DashInsight™ Mobile fosters a single administrative interface that streamlines setup and administration. DashInsight™ Mobile leverages security features offered by IBM Cognos Platform which means that you can have fully secured access to critical information across all devices, both mobile and desktop.

High Performance and Scalable

DashInsight™ Mobile optimizes your investment in IBM Business Analytics software and can be fully integrated with IBM Cognos TM1, being easily deployed and managed at a corporate or departmental level by the business or IT.


Collaborate and Share Instantly

Stay Connected and Productive

Boost productivity by helping teams outside the office continue working seamlessly and share and collaborate instantly with others. DashInsight™ Mobile keeps teams connected and enables them to become more engaged for enhanced decision-making throughout organization.

DashInsight™ Mobile facilitates collaboration by enabling you to stay in touch with status updates, action items, notifications, and discussion threads. You can share insights and report snapshots, add notes or comments to reports, attach documents and report links, or join a discussion.

Author Once, Consume on Any Device

Leverage Existing Cognos Content

DashInsight™ Mobile leverages the same content users work with everyday on their desktop optimized for the iPad, iPhone, and Android, and requires no re-authoring or restructuring of your favorite reports, dashboards, and KPI’s.

Lower Cost of Ownership

With DashInsight™ Mobile you can maximize productivity and reduce total cost of ownership through reuse of deployed Cognos solutions and platform functionality. 


More Agile Decision - Making

Now users can manage their business from anywhere. With DashInsight Mobile you gain trusted insight through a rich and visually stunning native iPad, iPhone, and Android experience wherever and whenever you need access to critical information.

Interact with real-time data, analytics, and dashboards while on the road and make your decision-making process more agile and confident.


Mobile Apps

DataClarity DashInsight™ Mobile Apps are now available for your iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones.

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