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The IBM Smart Analytics System is an integrated platform that provides broad analytics capabilities on a powerful warehouse foundation with IBM server and storage. Deeply integrated and optimized, IBM Smart Analytics System provides a single point of support for end-to-end analytics solutions.


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The IBM Smart Analytics System offers a wide range of analytics capabilities, enabling you to consume information in the most digestible format, gain insight, and make smarter decisions today and into the future.

At the core of the IBM Smart Analytics System, you will find powerful warehouse and storage optimization capabilities. This foundation not only manages the data store but is essential for speeding system deployment and enabling advanced analytics.

Each configuration can be augmented at anytime to meet new requirements by simply adding new analytic capability or data and user capacity building block components. Moreover, because all of these components use the same foundation, the system is easy to maintain, preserves existing investments, and delivers results in days rather than months.

IBM Smart Analytics System Capabilities

Business Intelligence

The IBM Smart Analytics System business intelligence (BI) capability delivers a full range of reporting, analysis and dashboarding to enable decision makers to quickly gain new insights and take actions to drive better business outcomes. Deep integration and optimization provides a business intelligence capability that hits the ground running, grows and adapts as your analytic requirements change.

Drive better business outcomes with . . .

  • A single consistent view of the business
  • A full range of decision making capabilities
  • Easily accessible whenever, and whenever needed
  • Preinstalled, preconfigured, and tuned for optimal performance
  • Rapid time to value and ROI, with the flexibility to grow with the business

The IBM Smart Analytics System puts the power of industry leading business intelligence software into the hands of the business leaders who demand an easy to use solution with fast time to value. With the system, decision-makers can access a consistent view of information throughout the business and multiple data sources; uncover and share new insights; and make better decisions to drive the business forward.

Multi-dimensional Analytics - Cubing Services

IBM Smart Analytics System provides high performance cubing services to give decision makers a multidimensional view of data stored in a relational database allowing you to analyze product and customer information to improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

You can easily create, edit, import, export, and deploy cube models over the relational warehouse schema to perform deeper multi-dimensional analysis across multiple business variables and large data sets.

Cubing services also provide optimization techniques to dramatically improve the performance of online analytical processing (OLAP) queries. In doing so, it simplifies the delivery of business analytics and optimization results and puts more power into more decision-makers hands to analyze data and generate business insight.

Data Mining & Text Analytics

Powerful, yet simple, text analytics and data mining capabilities available with the IBM Smart Analytics System enable integrated analytics of both structured and unstructured data. Standard data mining models (clustering, associations, classification, and prediction) are supported and can be developed via drag and drop in the Design Studio. The data mining models can be executed in the production environment to provide real time scoring of data records. Additionally, rich presentation components are provided to enable visual analysis of data mining results.

The predictive analytics and pattern analysis capabilities can help you to detect fraud, reduce customer churn, segment your customers, and simplify market basket analysis. The in-database data mining capabilities integrate with existing systems to provide scalable, high performing predictive and pattern analysis without moving your data into proprietary data mining platforms.

With IBM Smart Analytics System, decision-makers can now organize and mine all your valuable information to uncover new opportunities, perform customer behavioral analysis, or assess potential risk.

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IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9710

IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9710 provides an integrated data warehouse management platform at an entry-level price. Built on the IBM zEnterprise Business Class platform, the solution can deliver business reporting and analytics with a quality of service equivalent to your online transactional processing (OLTP) environment.

zEnterprise Analytics System 9710 provides:

Integrated, optimized software

  • Integrates IBM DB2 for z/OS with the IBM zEnterprise BC12 or z114 servers and four optional extensions: DB2 Analytics Accelerator, Data Analytics Pack, Data Integration Pack, and FastStart Services Pack.
  • Eliminates the time and cost of integrating separate analytics solutions.
  • Offers faster performance, and reduces floor space and energy requirements.
  • Provides a single system image, which simplifies the cost and management of your software licenses.

Pre-tested data warehousing and business intelligence

  • Offers business intelligence, predictive analytics and enterprise planning capabilities.
  • Enables near-real time operational reporting with minimum latency, advanced quality of service (reliability, availability and serviceability) and advanced security.

Provides optimization techniques to improve the performance of OLAP queries. A ready-to-use platform

  • Engineered for the rapid deployment of business-ready software in days, instead of months.
  • Scales easily to meet the needs of systems ranging from data marts to full-sized data warehouses at an entry-level price.
  • Protects your data with the U.S. government’s highly rated system for security, EAL5+.
  • Allows you to add capacity without application outages.

What's New

IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9710 provides a broader range of analytics features to help you gain more business insight cost-effectively. Enhancements include the addition of IBM Cognos TM1, SPSS Modeler, DB2 Query Management Facility Enterprise Edition and InfoSphere Data Replication functionalities.

The latest version of zEnterprise Analytics System 9710 supports DB2 11 for z/OS. In addition, the DB2 Analytics Accelerator add-on supports more data, queries (including Static SQL support), systems and applications.

New features for the Data Analytics Pack help you:

  • Access big data using Big Insights and HIVE support. Build better reports using RAVE visualization capabilities, all with Cognos BI for zEnterprise.
  • Integrate predictive modeling and analytics using SPSS Modeler rules and deployment optimization.
  • Combine advanced modeling techniques with real-time scoring of DB2 for z/OS transactional data using SPSS Modeler with Scoring Adaptor functions.
  • Take advantage of planning and budgeting tools as well as performance management and scorecarding using IBM Cognos TM1 features.
  • Address QMF customer analytic with IBM DB2 Query Management Facility Enterprise Edition features.

The Data Integration Pack includes these new features and benefits:

  • Provides near real-time data replication from supported source databases to DB2 z/OS or Information Server using InfoSphere Data Replication (IIDR) for DB2 for z/OS and Linux.
  • Offers performance enhancements for IBM DataStage using InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration for Linux for System z.

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Contact us today to learn how IBM Smart Analytics System can help your company to maximize performance - you can complete the form or call us at 877-454-4898, and we would be delighted to consult with you and make specific recommendations.

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Contact us today to learn how IBM Smart Analytics System can help your company to maximize performance - you can complete the form or call us at 877-454-4898, and we would be delighted to consult with you and make specific recommendations.