IBM Cognos BI Query Studio

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IBM Cognos Query Studio is a half day instructor-led online course. It is designed for business authors who want to learn to create, modify and organize ad hoc reports. Using a combination of lectures, instructor led demos, hands-on exercises, workshops and group exercises in a high-quality learning environment, participants will learn how to create ad hoc reports, as well as perform basic administrative tasks such as scheduling reports and report delivery in multiple formats.

Intended Audience

This is a basic course intended for business authors.


  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Experience using Windows and Web functionality

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  • Recognize various components of IBM Cognos BI
  • Benefits of creating reports with IBM Cognos BI
  • Launch Query Studio
  • Understand report types
  • Create and save ad-hoc reports
  • Create list, grouped list, and crosstab reports
  • View, print, or distribute a report in Cognos Connection
  • Enhance reports by adding filters
  • Add titles/subtitles
  • Format reports objects
  • Reorder and rename columns.
  • Create groupings, sections, and page breaks
  • Understand aggregation and summarization
  • Use different types of prompts
  • Understand calculations and parameters
  • Module 1: Introduction to IBM Cognos 10 BI
  • Module 2: Creating Basic Query Studio Reports
  • Module 3: Enhancing Query Studio Reports
  • Module 4: Advanced Query Studio Functionality