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Compelling and insightful dashboards

IBM and DataClarity business intelligence software include dashboards that you can view, interact with and personalize in ways that support the unique way you analyze data and make decisions. Historical information alongside current data and predictive analytics help you quickly move from insight to decision - all in one dashboard.

With IBM and DataClarity dashboard capabilities, you can:

  • Assemble, personalize, and interact with all kinds of business intelligence (BI) content in your dashboard.
  • Analyze information on your dashboard and share the results.
  • Collaborate on your dashboards with annotations and comments.
  • Access and interact with dashboards regardless of language or location.
  • Create interactive, disconnected dashboards and distribute them to a broad audience.

What We Offer

Dashboards for midsize organizations or workgroups

IBM Cognos Express provides dashboards for midsize businesses, departments and workgroups.

Pre-built and customized dashboards

DataClarity DashInsight provides pre-built dashboards and customized reports to fast-track dashboard development and accelerate decision-making.

Mobile and disconnected dashboards

IBM Cognos Mobile provides dashboards for your mobile devices.

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