DataClarity VisiFi™ is a Financial Process Management System (FPMS) that empowers the office of finance with an easy to use system to automate financial processes, centralize information and increase collaboration within and across departments and systems.

With VisiFi™, organizations can realize better outcomes from improvements in financial accuracy, transparency, risk, predictability, accountability, and audit traceability. In addition, organizations can also reduce expense and lost productivity by minimizing costly errors, manual steps, duplication of efforts, and unnecessary financial operations.

During month end close, finance professionals need reliable process automation and optimization, centralized information access, user collaboration, and status reporting to deliver the accurate and predictable outcomes expected of them each and every month. With VisiFi™, organizations can automate high-value financial processes such as their month end close.

VisiFi™ is one of three systems that comprise DataClarity Financial Management™ (DFM™). When deployed with DataClarity UniFi™ and DataClarity DashInsight™, the three systems together become an integrated enterprise solution spanning financial consolidation, process management, statutory reporting, and performance dashboards. In addition, VisiFi™ integrates with the entire family of IBM Cognos Business Analytics.

Key Bvisifi-logo-100pxenefits

  • Automate, standardize, optimize, and track complex approval-based financial processes to gain better control.
  • Centralize and secure all relevant financial information to streamline completion of financial operations and tasks, and ensure future audit traceability.
  • Assign personnel to ownership and approval roles required to complete tasks to ensure clear accountability and process compliance.
  • Empower users with collaboration to compress sequential task start and completion times, resulting in meaningful increases in organizational productivity, consistency, and efficiency.
  • Assign managers and executives to observer and administrator roles to provide up to the minute status and transparency on all financial processes utilizing world class reporting and e-mail alerts.
  • Drag-and drop functionality to visually model financial processes, as well as tabular views that utilize filters to sort the financial information.
  • Reduce expense and lost productivity by minimizing costly errors, manual steps, duplication of efforts, and unnecessary financial operations.
  • Provide a unified environment across a department or the entire enterprise to ensure improved governance and compliance.
  • Rapidly deploy a complete 100% browser-based system that is easily managed and maintained by the office of finance.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other financial systems that provide financial consolidation, statutory reporting, performance dashboards, and enterprise planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • An intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable web interface to design, build, publish, and run unlimited workflows with no programming experience or technical knowledge.

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