IBM Cognos TM1 Developer

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IBM Cognos TM1 Developer course is a three day instructor led or instructor led online course. Using a combination of lectures, instructor led demos and workshops in a high-quality learning environment, participants will learn how to use TM1 to analyze data and create cubes and dimensions; load data into the TM1 cubes; create business rules and use advanced modeling techniques and templates in TM1; analyze the model development process for TM1 data in Performance Modeler; create a new model and application in Performance Modeler; how to create custom views of the data.

Intended Audience

This course is for modelers who will create and load data into TM1 cubes and deploy planning applications.


  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Experience using basic windows and web functionality.
  • Completion of IBM Cognos TM1: Analyst (V10.1) (Recommended)
  • Basic knowledge of OLAP and TM1
  • Significant experience with Excel spreadsheets (functions, macros, etc.)
  • Understanding of the metrics and drivers of your business

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  • Recognize various components of IBM Cognos BI
  • Benefits of creating reports with IBM Cognos BI
  • Fundamental terms of Analysis Studio
  • Insert objects
  • Define dimensions, levels, and items
  • Identify the work area, overview area, and properties pane
  • Analyze and understand your data by scheduling and managing reports
  • Employ drilling down and up to different levels of detail
  • Create an analysis view
  • Change the rows, columns, and measures in the analysis
  • Nest data within the same dimension and from different dimensions
  • Apply filters using the Context area
  • Sort data
  • Rank data
  • Suppress zeros
  • Filter data
  • Create and modify custom sets
  • Create calculated measures and custom filters
  • Module 1: Introduction to TM1 Components
  • Module 2: Exploring the TM1 Model
  • Module 3: Import Data into TM1 to Create Objects
  • Module 4: Create and Customize Dimensions
  • Module 5: Create and Customize Cubes
  • Module 6: Import Data into Cubes
  • Module 7: Cube Links and Sharing Data
  • Module 8: Customize and Optimize Business Rules
  • Module 9: Create a Sample Model and Application
  • Module 10: Advanced Modeling Techniques