Web Seminar On-Demand: Deliver Business Value Faster with Smart Governed and Personal Data Discovery and Advanced Self-Service Visual Analytics

Watch the web seminar to learn how smart business-friendly governed and personal data discovery and self-service visual analytics can empower you and your organization and accelerate the path to insight.
See effective real-world data visualization use cases that provide integrated views of multiple data sources using a series of advanced charts and geospatial maps that highlight correlations, exceptions, links, clusters, outliers, anomalies, predictions, and trends.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to:

  • Enable business-friendly access to governed enterprise data sources including Cognos Packages and personal data files that simplify data preparation
  • Use advanced charting, geospatial maps, and predictive visualizations to communicate data effectively
  • Deploy Cognos and Tableau in a unified application that benefits a broad spectrum of users and requirements
  • Build storyboards with smart business visualizations using numerous datasets
  • Visually explore data relationships and patterns using highly-interactive advanced analytic and predictive capabilities.

If you desire a better way to interact more effectively with both governed enterprise and personal data, or just interested in learning more about smart business visualization including advanced self-service charting, predictive, and geospatial, then this web seminar will benefit you!