Web Seminar On-Demand: Rapid Data Warehouse Deployment with Deep Analytics

Many organizations find that at some point their existing data warehouse is unable to meet their analytic and reporting needs. Requests for new, more detailed or more frequent reports are denied because they impose too great an analytics and processing tax on the warehouse. The effort and cost associated with keeping the warehouse running has become so great, taking resources away from higher value IT projects which are more closely aligned with the company’s strategic goals and initiatives.

Analytic appliances offer organizations a better solution by allowing them to rapidly deploy a data warehouse and deliver deep analytics to their business users more quickly, with better scalability, at a lower cost, and with more high performance analytics.

Watch the web seminar to learn about the benefits of a Rapid Data Warehouse Deployment with Deep Analytics:

  • It’s Fast – supports tens of thousands of business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse users, sophisticated analytics at the speed of thought, and petabyte scalability.
  • Increases Performance and Concurrency – delivers 20 times greater throughput for tactical queries than previous generation PureData Systems.
  • It’s Scalable – enables organization to deploy the right-sized environments for their data volumes and workloads, and be confident as data volumes grow.
  • It’s Smart – dramatically simplifies analytics by consolidating all analytic activity in one place, right where the data resides.