WhereScape 3D

WhereScape 3D

Discover, profile, explore, and document source data systems faster, leading to fewer surprises and lower risks.

Reduce the risks of data warehouse projects.

Every data project has risks. The best way to mitigate them is to remove the unknowns as soon as possible. Using WhereScape 3D you will be able to rapidly understand source systems and data, and quickly test designs with business users – using real data.

Discover, profile, explore, and document source data systems faster, leading to better designs, fewer surprises, and lower risks.

How it will help?
  • The ultimate in taming data complexity and rapid prototyping.
  • Discover, profile and assess source systems.
  • Design, test, revise and enhance data models.
  • Supports data vault design.
  • Determine the impact of changes.
  • Create documentation through to populated physical design.
  • Rapidly promote designs to your existing WhereScape RED data warehouse.
WhereScape 3D – Design your data warehouse faster, without the risks

WhereScape 3D (Data Driven Design) is data warehouse design and planning software, designed to help you easily explore and understand your data warehousing project at the time you need it most – the beginning. WhereScape 3D incorporates real data into the design process leading to better designs, less surprises and lower risk.

WhereScape 3D specific features

Source System Characterization:

  • Quickly discover, explore, profile and document possible source systems for data warehousing projects
  • Reverse engineer entity relationship diagrams for source systems
  • Analyze source data at the table and column levels
  • Assess source system data fitness empirically and systematically
  • Produce complete documentation for data warehouse project teams and source system operators.

Source System Impact Assessment:

  • Assess the impact of a source system change on existing BI infrastructure
  • Include data warehouse and data mart schema changes, enhancements and new or revised ETL logic.

Agile Development:

  • Supports agile development:
  • Enables data warehouse automation
  • Supports iterative development by automating time consuming tasks.

Packaged Data Model Validation:

  • Allows packaged enterprise data models to be reality-tested using real data
  • Supports model revision and enhancement in the target environment where they will be implemented.

Data Warehouse Specific Features:

  • Supports prototyping by generating pivot tables
  • Default support for normalized, data vault and dimensional models
  • Default support for change detection in the data warehouse
  • Supports objects such as load, stage, data store, 3NF, fact, dimension, hub, link, satellite, and indexes.

Sample Data Generation:

  • Creates random data or data from profiling
  • Ability to obfuscate data
  • Ensures referential integrity.

Target Schema Testing:

  • Design and test target schema using real data in quick iterative cycles
  • Ensure that target schema slated for implementation have been thoroughly reviewed, tested and approved by end-users before project build begins
  • Provide a test harness framework with user-configurable profiling methods.

Fully Compatible with WhereScape RED:

  • Ensures a reliable, repeatable, rapid build-operate-renovate cycle by integrating with the leading data warehouse automation software tool.
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