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Organizations worldwide rely on WhereScape to deliver business value from their decision support infrastructure – saving time, money and reducing risk.

WhereScape’s data warehouse automation software, WhereScape 3D and WhereScape RED, saves time, saves money, and reduces risk when planning and building data warehouse and big data solutions.
Reduce the Risks of Data Warehouse Projects

Every data project has risks. The best way to mitigate them is to remove the unknowns as soon as possible. Use WhereScape 3D to rapidly understand source systems and data, and quickly test designs with business users – using real data.

Discover, profile, explore, and document source data systems faster, leading to better designs, fewer surprises, and lower risks.

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Automate Building, Managing, and Operating Your Data Warehouses

WhereScape’s flagship data warehouse automation software, WhereScape RED, dramatically saves time and money when building data warehouse and big data solutions.

Choose your architecture (enterprise data repository, enterprise data warehouse, data vault, data lake, data store, data mart, or a combination), mix and match your technology and use WhereScape RED’s automation capabilities to get results faster.

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