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March 2017

In this edition, learn about the 2017 Big Data Prediction and discover how analytics can help companies to accelerate their competitive edge. Join DataClarity for upcoming events and discover how you can modernize your financial consolidation and corporate reporting for better performance and compliance.> Read more

February 2017

In this edition, read about the latest DataClarity’s news and join us for a deep dive into Cognos Analytics. Sign-up for our upcoming events and discover how top organizations are using self-service analytics to improve performance. > Read more

January 2017

In this edition, discover the new Planning Analytics (SaaS) solution from IBM, and learn how to improve financial performance with predictive analytics. Sign up for our Cognos Analytics seminar, and explore new possibilities of winning more customers with analytics. > Read more

December 2016

In this edition, discover DataClarity’s Trade Promotion Planning, Optimization & Analytics solution and learn about IBM’s latest release of Cognos Analytics. > Read more

September 2016

In this edition, learn about recent IBM Analytics software releases and discover how to improve financial planning and budgeting, learn about increasing customer satisfaction, and see how to outperform competitors with advanced analytics. > Read more

August 2016

In this edition read about recent industry news and join us for the upcoming events. Discover how to leverage IBM Analytics to improve compliance, and see how to take guesswork out of predictive analytics. > Read more

July 2016

In this edition read about recent release of IBM Watson Explorer and discover how to gain operational efficiency with IBM Incentive Compensation Management. > Read more

June 2016

In this edition, learn how cognitive analytics help companies to prevent churn, improve customer experience, and increase revenue. > Read more

May 2016

In this edition, read about recent industry news and join us for a complimentary web seminar to learn how to deliver business value faster with smart data discovery and advanced self-service visual analytics. > Read more

Webinars On-Demand

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Web Seminar On-Demand: The Ultimate Governed Data Discovery

Watch the web seminar to learn how your organization can empower business users to do more with data through modern self-service BI, governed data discovery, and advanced visualizations. We cover a variety of topics [...]

Web Seminar On-Demand: Deliver Business Value Faster with Smart Governed and Personal Data Discovery and Advanced Self-Service Visual Analytics

Watch the web seminar to learn how smart business-friendly governed and personal data discovery and self-service visual analytics can empower you and your organization and accelerate the path to insight. See effective real-world data [...]

Web Seminar On-Demand: How to Rapidly Deliver Analytic Applications with Governed Data Discovery, Self-Service Predictive, and Reporting

Are you looking to deliver performance management and advanced analytic capabilities to employees, customers and suppliers through a simple and elegant application user experience? Watch the web seminar to learn how leading organizations around [...]


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